Why and When You Should Call for a Wrecker Service

Car accidents happen all the time. Whether it’s your fault or someone else’s, you may get involved in an accident that will at least ruin your day. However, knowing how to react and what actions to take immediately after the accident can make a big difference in the health of those involved. As wrecker service providers, seeing car crashes is part of our job. However, we’ve noticed that many people have no idea what to do in these situations. Here’s a quick guide that may prove to be extremely helpful one day.

Assess the situation and determine if anyone is injured. Even if it’s a small injure, you should still call the ambulance.
For major accidents, you also have to call the police.
Take notes of everything that happened during the accident.
Never assume that it was your fault (you may be wrong). Let competent institutions (police/insurance carrier) decide.
Call a wrecker service provider to move your vehicle off the road as soon as possible.
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